tkImgDip is no longer maintained by the ITG. While we are confident that the software worked in our limited trials at the time of this page's creation, no updates have been made to the software since, and no person is maintaining the code. However, we keep a copy posted here for those interested, and do maintain certain rights to the software. Please inquire before redistributing.

tkImgDip - Data Image Portal v1.00b0

tkImgDip is an image extension to Tcl/Tk for viewing arbitrary 1, 2, or 3 dimensional datasets and images as a pseudocolor (8-bit) image. The image represents portal over the data. The portal may be of any size, at any location over the data, and may apply magnification to the view of the data. The image displayed is rendered from the underlying data based on these and other parameters of the image portal.

Please help try out this new extension and send me comments. I know many many things are broken. Help me enumerate them and I will fix them. What other features are needed? The extension is intended to be the groundwork for image processing packages. Image processing extensions can be written directly into tkImgDip, or a standalone image processing system can link in just for displaying data and maintain its own data arrays. I do want to keep the core as small as possible so I want to keep the features isolated to the rendering of raw data into an image.

Documentation and Downloads

View documentation or download tkImgDip (3MB gzipped tar file).


v1.00b0     09/12/1999     Initial Release

Feature Summary

Pan and Zoom controls
Dynamic range controls
File formatsMRC, SUPRIM, FITS, JPEG (greyscale), Sun Raster, VIFF, VIEW, GIF, Raw Data
Interchange FormatsImgPhoto, ImgDip, VIEWIT, SIPS, EM
Data types supported1-byte unsigned integer
1-byte signed integer
2-byte unsigned integer
2-byte signed integer
4-byte unsigned integer
4-byte signed integer
4-byte floating point
Easy to new data manipulation commands in C
Easy to add new file format handlers in C
Many others and more coming


tkImgDip is almost a complete rewrite of the pict image extension of Visu written by Pierre-Louis Bossart at the Lawerence Livermore National Laboratory in 1996. The pict widget suffered from several flaws, no Windows version, and required a PseudoColor visual.

Bugs and Missing Features

tkImgDip has many commands and suboptions available, some of them are more thoroughly tested than others. The Windows version in particular probably has bugs and may not work at all at the moment, it certainly has some byte order issues to deal with in the file format arena, as does the x86 Linux version. However we are now using this version in our own applications so I decided it was safe to release it for some early beta testing. Please send bug reports to And before you ask here are features I already plan: