For the Binary Distribution and Source Code Distribution 2 April 2000 - Suprim Version 5.3.1

Initial Setup

Choose a directory into which Suprim will be installed and set the environment variable SUPRIM_PATH to point to that location. Also set up the environment variables for the documentation (DOCSUPRIM) and sample RGB files (RGBSUPRIM), if desired. E.g. (using csh):

        hostname> setenv SUPRIM_PATH /usr/local/encap/suprim-5.3.1
        hostname> setenv DOCSUPRIM ${SUPRIM_PATH}/doc
        hostname> setenv RGBSUPRIM ${SUPRIM_PATH}/misc/rgb

Installing Binaries, Libraries or Header Files

If installing precompiled binaries or libraries from a tar file, simply copy the tar file into the SUPRIM_PATH directory and untar them:

        hostname> cp suprim-5.3.1-irix6.5-bin.tar ${SUPRIM_PATH}
        hostname> cd ${SUPRIM_PATH}
        hostname> tar xvf suprim-5.3.1-irix6.5-bin.tar

If you have a gzipped version of the tar file, the following command will unzip and untar them in one step:

        hostname> gzip -dc suprim-5.3.1-irix6.5-bin.tar.gz | tar xvf -

This will create the directories bin/, lib/ and/or include/ in the ${SUPRIM_PATH} directory. The binaries are now installed. You may need to confirm that the bin directory is in your path, and you may need to run rehash before your shell finds the new binaries.

Installing THE Tcl/Tk Programs

There are some special requirements for using the new Suprim Tk programs. By default, the Tk programs which replace the older Suprim "ir" programs are shipped with the binary files. But the following steps need to be performed in order to get the new Suprim Tk programs operating correctly.

  1. Version 8.2.X of the Tcl/Tk libraries is required. Tcl/Tk can be downloaded for free from The current version of Tcl/Tk is 8.3, but this version is untested with the Suprim Tk programs at this time. No surprises are expected though.
  2. Set the environment variables TCL_LIBRARY and TK_LIBRARY to the locations of the Tcl/Tk library script files:
            setenv TCL_LIBRARY /usr/local/lib/tcl8.2
            setenv TK_LIBRAY /usr/local/lib/tk8.2
  3. Download and install the Suprim library files as described in the previous section. Note that the binary type of the SGI library files (-32, -n32) must match the binary type of the Tcl/Tk installation.
  4. Set SUPRIM_TK_LIB to be the location of the TCL library files and the location of the Tk Image Display Widget (
            setenv SUPRIM_TK_LIB ${SUPRIM_PATH}/lib
  5. Set the library path environment variables to include the location of the the Tk Image Display Widget. For example:
            AIX:  setenv LIBPATH ${LIBPATH}:${SUPRIM_PATH}/lib
                  setenv LD_LIBRARYN32_PATH ${LD_LIBRARYN32_PATH}:${SUPRIM_PATH}/lib
  6. If you have another version of wish (part of Tcl/Tk) installed, and want to keep it and version 8.2 separate, change the exec lines in tkir, tkll, tkctf to use the 8.2 version of wish. The version of wish that ships with IRIX is not 8.2, so if the SGI version of wish is installed, you will need to make this change. For example:
             Change: exec wish "$0" -- "$@"
             To:     exec wish8.2 "$0" -- "$@"
  7. Test the setup to be sure the configuration is correct:
             ball -n 32 -s 5 -o 12 -i 4 > /tmp/ball.f
             tkir < /tmp/ball.f
    If everything works, you should see a small window with five dots in a pentagonal shape. You may need to move the mouse into the window to get the colormap to kick in.

Installing Source & Compiling

To compile the source code for the applications you will need the libraries and include files, a C compiler, a FORTRAN compiler, and a Perl5 interpreter. GCC/G77 should work for the compilers, but has only been tested using GCC 2.95.1. Perl is used to run the global make scripts. If compiling individual programs, Perl is not necessary.

Suprim ships with precompiled libraries for IRIX, AIX and SunOS.

In order to compile the "ir" programs that use the Font Manager libraries, you will need to have installed under IRIX or libtfm.a installed under AIX.

To compile the new Tcl/Tk interfaces, you will need a copy of Tcl and Tk, version 8.2.0 or greater. You will also need a copy of the TkImageWidget as well. Versions of these two libraries are available for AIX, IRIX, and Linux (Redhat 6.1) only at this time.

Steps for compiling:

  1. Create a directory where the compilation will take place. Set your ${SUPRIM_PATH} environment variable to be the absolute path of that directory.
  2. Set the SUPRIM_TARGET environment variable to match the target operating system of your environment. ${SUPRIM_TARGET} should be set to one of the following values:
    AIX4.3setenv SUPRIM_TARGET aix4.3
    IRIX6.5 -32setenv SUPRIM_TARGET irix6.5-32
    IRIX6.5 -n32setenv SUPRIM_TARGET irix6.5-n32
    Linux (Redhat 6.1)setenv SUPRIM_TARGET redhat6.1
    SunOS 5.6setenv SUPRIM_TARGET sunos5.6
    SunOS 5.7setenv SUPRIM_TARGET sunos5.7

    This distribution supplies makefiles for additional SUPRIM_TARGETs, but these targets should not be considered supported. The older system targets have been retained for our users not fortunate enough to have access to regular upgrades to their operating system. The others should be considered experimental. These additional targets include:

    AIX 3.2setenv SUPRIM_TARGET aix3.2
    AIX 4.2setenv SUPRIM_TARGET aix4.2
    IRIX 5.3setenv SUPRIM_TARGET irix5.3
    IRIX 6.2 -32setenv SUPRIM_TARGET irix6.2-32
    IRIX 6.2 -n32setenv SUPRIM_TARGET irix6.2-n32
    IRIX 6.2 -64setenv SUPRIM_TARGET irix6.2-64
    IRIX 6.3setenv SUPRIM_TARGET irix6.3
    IRIX6.5 -64setenv SUPRIM_TARGET irix6.5-64
    Linux (Redhat 6.0)setenv SUPRIM_TARGET redhat6.0
  3. Untar the source into the ${SUPRIM_PATH} directory. The source tar files will include makefiles, and will put all of the program sources into subdirectories of the src directory.
  4. Untar the libraries and header files into the ${SUPRIM_PATH}/lib directory.
  5. If planning to install the Tcl/Tk packages, install the SIPS and TkImageWidget libraries as well.
  6. Edit the file Makefile, changing the $INSTALL_DIR variable to point to the final installation directory of the programs, libraries, and header files. If these directories do not exist, they will be created. Also change the $MAKE variable to be the correct make program on your system.
  7. Confirm that the file Makefile.${SUPRIM_TARGET} contains the correct default values for your system. Things to look for include correct C and FORTRAN compilers, paths to system commands, and locations of locally installed libraries.
  8. By default the Perl5 interpreter is defined to be in /usr/bin/perl. If not correct, adjust the first lines of make_execs and make_libs to point to the correct location of perl on your system.
  9. If you wish to compile the ir suite of programs, edit the file make_execs, replacing the "%skip" associative array with one more closely identified with your selection. (A commented out version containing references to all of the ir programs has been included to make this change easier.)
  10. Run make (or whatever you set $MAKE to).
  11. If everything compiles correctly, run make install to move the binaries, libraries, documentation, and header files into the $INSTALL_DIR directory.
  12. Reset ${SUPRIM_PATH} in your shell to point to the $INSTALL_DIR directory.
  13. You should now be done, and the programs should be installed. Make certain that ${SUPRIM_PATH}/bin is in your path, and run rehash if necessary to inform the shell of the existence of these new programs.