Suprim 5.3.1

A SUpervisor for the PRocessing of IMages

The Suprim package was originally conceived and developed by J.P. Bretaudiere. It has since been worked on by numerous individuals and groups including those at the University of Texas, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Scripps Research Institute. It is currently distributed and managed by the Imaging Technology Group, at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.

What is Suprim

Suprim is a flexible, modular software package intended for the processing of electron microscopy images is presented. The system consists of a set of image processing tools or filters, written in the C programming language, and a command line style user interface based on the UNIX shell. The pipe and filter structure of UNIX and the availability of command files in the form of shell scripts eases the construction of complex image processing procedures from the simpler tools. Implementation of a new image processing algorithm in SUPRIM may often be performed by construction of a new shell script, using already existing tools. Current, the package has been used for two- and three-dimensional image processing and reconstruction of macromolecules and other structures of biological interest.

"SUPRIM: Easily Modified Image Processing Software"
John P. Schroeter and Jean-Pierre Bretaudiere
Journal of Structural Biology 116, 131-137 (1996)
Article No. 0021. Volume 116, No. 1.
January/February 1996
ISSN 1047-8477
Academic Press, Inc. Orlando, FL.

Features of 5.3.1

The primary difference between version 5.2 and version 5.3 is the introduction of programs using Tcl/Tk for the graphical processing and analysis of images. These programs are destined to replace the "ir" suite of GL-based programs, which are becoming increasingly difficult to maintain (and impossible to port since they are written in IrisGL, not OpenGL). These Tcl/Tk programs require the use the TkImageDisplay widget "" which is not officially part of Suprim. We are distributing only IRIX, AIX, and Linux (Redhat 6.1) versions of this library widget at this time, but intend to make the product increasingly cross-platform.

The "ir" programs have been retained, so those who have GL libraries on AIX and IRIX can continue to use them. Other features include numerous bug fixes, testing under IRIX 6.5 and AIX 4.3, and a sample collection for SunOS 5.6/5.7.

The 64 bit IRIX version of Suprim has not been released due to some memory allocation issues. The 32 bit versions will work as expected on a 64 bit architecture, so please use them until the 64 bit issues can be resolved.

What's In The Distribution

The distribution comes as precompiled binaries, precompiled libraries, source code for each program, and miscellaneous support files such as documentation and sample datasets. The source code for the libraries is not being released at this time. The following table is a breakdown of the files distributed:


suprim-5.3.1-bin-aix4.3.tar.gz (7.8 MB) - AIX 4.3 native binaries

suprim-5.3.1-bin-irix6.5-n32.tar.gz (10.6 MB) - IRIX 6.5 n32-bit binaries

suprim-5.3.1-bin-irix6.5-32.tar.gz (9.1 MB) - IRIX 6.5 32-bit binaries¹

suprim-5.3.1-bin-redhat6.1.tar.gz (12.8 MB) - Linux Redhat 6.1

suprim-5.3.1-bin-sunos5.6.tar.gz (6.6 MB) - SunOS 5.6 native binaries²

suprim-5.3.1-bin-sunos5.7.tar.gz (5.4 MB) - SunOS 5.7 native binaries²

Libraries & Header Files

suprim-5.3.1-lib-aix4.3.tar.gz (143 KB) - AIX 4.3 native libraries

suprim-5.3.1-lib-irix6.5-n32.tar.gz (313 KB) - IRIX 6.5 n32-bit libraries

suprim-5.3.1-lib-irix6.5-32.tar.gz (273 KB) - IRIX 6.5 32-bit libraries ¹

suprim-5.3.1-lib-redhat6.1.tar.gz (370 KB) - Linux Redhat 6.1

suprim-5.3.1-lib-sunos5.6.tar.gz (89 KB) - SunOS 5.6 native libraries²

suprim-5.3.1-lib-sunos5.7.tar.gz (91 KB) - SunOS 5.7 native libraries²

Source, Documentation, Misc

suprim-5.3.1-src.tar.gz (792 KB) - Source code for all programs³

suprim-5.3.1-doc.tar.gz (143 KB) - Documentation for the programs

suprim-5.3.1-share.tar.gz (64 KB) - Miscellaneous support files, sample images, etc.


¹SGI has declared the -32 compiler option (old binary format) to be out of date and recommends against developing new packages using it, though it remains available in their compilers. This format has been retained in Suprim for those with older SGI equipment, for which -n32/-mips3 will not work.

²The sun binaries and libraries are provided "as is", and are considered unsupported. The developers do not have ready access to Sun equipment; consequently, our development, debugging, and testing time on this platform is limited. The binaries lack support of the GL and Tcl/Tk programs as well, so programs requiring GL, libirin, and wish do not exist. Due to the lack of a FORTRAN compiler, the saxalign program does not exist for SunOS 5.6 either.

³The source code for the Suprim libraries is not released at this time. Nor is the source for the TkImageDisplay widget.

Installation Instructions

Click here for information on how to install the programs associated with the files listed above.

Copyright and Redistribution Information

Copyright © 2000, all rights reserved. For a more descriptive copyright, see the Copyright file. This copyright covers all source, documentation, scripts, and other files associated with Suprim and contained within the Suprim distribution files. Suprim may not be redistributed without the prior consent of the maintainers and developers.