Software Development

The ITG is active in developing small applications and techniques for enabling the visualization, manipulation, analysis and presentation of scientific data. Often these take the form of data translation packages that take scientific data from one application and convert it into a format readable by programs such as Softimage 3D, Softimage XSI, and Alias|Wavefront's Maya. Once the data is inside one of these professional animation and rendering packages, users have the ability to animate and visualize their data, with final output for still images, videotape, DVD, Quicktime, and others easily produced in the VMIL. Other project examples include Entomon, which is a stereographic viewing program that can be used to view SEM specimens, AFM data, and other information in 3D.

Software Packages Developed by ITG

Quasi-Supported (Only kinda and by volunteers, most of whom no longer work here):

No Longer Supported: